onda finally brought the new Accord to Brazil. A completely renovated, more modern car with sports lines.Debuting its new platform, the car features the 2.0 Turbo VTEC engine, replacing its old V6, with 10-speed automatic transmission. Still intended for the executive public, Honda impresses with its boldest look.

On the outside

At the front, the chrome wing-shaped grille and the new full led optical assembly, including the fog lights, stand out. The contrast of the shape of the bumper with the air intake grille conveys aggressiveness, a boldness for the model’s profile. Some say it resembles the lead of the younger brother, the Civic Custom Fit 2010-2019 Chevy Camaro Car Cover for 5 Layer.

Front of the New Accord 2019

On the side, the waist line grew taller, with protruding creases, following the curvature of the ceiling, referring to a coupe, bringing it closer to the Civic. The rear has been modernized with LED flashlights and boomerang format. There is also a discreet airfoil, highlighting its sportiness, which is also highlighted with its 18 “rim wheels and double exhaust outlets.


The model has the interior completely renovated, with materials of better quality and more ergonomic design. It got bigger also in the front and with room to spare for the passengers of the backseat. The panel is positioned lower, which increased the field of view. Worth mentioning is the beautiful 8-inch multimedia center. Benches and leather door trim in light colors, one can opt for black as well. As the shift and parking brake are now actuated via the button, the center console has become even more spacious. The start is also via button, without the need for a key in the ignition.

Large and modern interior. Sports steering wheel

Engine and suspension

The new 2.0 Turbo VTEC direct injection engine has 256 hp at 6,500 rpm; 37.7 kgfm between 1,500 rpm and 4,000 rpm. They are 4 cylinders, 16 valves, gasoline. With the new configuration, the car has been quieter and better works the gears, even at low speeds. The independent suspension is McPherson in the front and multlink in the rear, much firmer. Launched late last year on the American market, the tenth generation of the Honda Accord is landing at the brand’s dealerships in Brazil after being presented at the Auto Show in early November. With a totally redesigned look, both platform and power package, the brand’s most luxurious sedan debuts the Honda Sensing technology package with driver assistance programs as a standard feature. The novelty is already available in dealerships all over the country in a single version for $ 198,500 and we have already accelerated to see if it justifies the price close to the luxury German sedans.


The new Honda Accord catches the eye right away. Stylish next to the Civic – which blends sedan lines with those of a coupe – the three-volume now boasts much more youthful and sporty design, abandoning the conservative standard (“car of uncle”) common in models of the segment. At the front, the grid brings the manufacturer’s new visual identity, with the well dimensioned “chrome wing”, but what stands out is the 100% LED optical assembly. Behind, the beautiful “C” -shaped lanterns have the main LED lights and reminiscent of the Civic. He lost some of his Japanese discretion. Accord unveils new 2.0 turbo engine and 10-speed automatic gearbox (Photo: Press Release)


The overall impression is that the body of the new Accord is larger than the previous generation, but this is not confirmed. In fact, the car lost 9.9 mm in length and 1.5 cm in height, although it is 9.9 mm wider. The false impression is caused by the larger wheelbase (5.8 cm larger), combined with the new coupe-style design. But the best thing about the new Accord is that it now offers more comfort for the occupants as the cabin has become more spacious. One of the tricks of Honda to be able to offer more space in a smaller body was the adoption of a new driving set. In place of the old V6 3.5 with 280 hp and 34.6 kgfm combined with the 6-speed automatic transmission, the tenth generation of the Accord brings a modern 2.0-liter VTEC turbocharged intercooler, capable of delivering 256 hp and 37.7 kgfm , coupled to a ten-speed automatic box – but smaller and lighter in size. The sedan, by the way, is the first car with front-wheel drive to have this exchange (produced by Honda itself).


In addition to providing lightness (and efficiency), the smaller power package allowed the suspension assembly to be repositioned, which also contributed to the designers designing a more spacious cabin, as well as a more generous trunk – now with a capacity of 574 liters , against 461 liters of the previous model. Our evaluation with the new car occurred on a Monday with very complicated traffic in the city of São Paulo. Under these conditions, the car was very comfortable and easy to drive, especially the silence on board. Like the body, the driving position is now lower, as Honda wanted to lower the center of gravity of the new Accord to improve its stability. It was not just the Civic that got more sporty. Leather seats with electrical adjustments, heating and cooling (both front) are very comfortable.


The interior trim is top-notch, with lots of leather, wood accents and soft material to the touch. The multifunction steering wheel is easy to handle and the controls are intuitive, as well as the multimedia center (compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay) with an eight-inch touch screen and physical buttons for the main functions. The dashboard is digital, but only the left side is customizable, the speedometer remains always visible on the right. The Head Up Display can display speed and GPS navigator indications (built into the multimedia center). Another detail that draws attention to board: the new Accord does not have a gear lever. To select between D, N, R and P, simply press the corresponding button. There are also the Econ and Sport options, which modify the parameters of the behavior of engine, direction, exchange and air conditioning (Econ), making the driving of the sedan become more economical or agile. The driver can also command the gear changes manually by means of butterflies next to the steering wheel.


When we arrived on the road, we could not only see the great elasticity of the 2.0 turbo engine, but the low noise level on board the new Accord. The sedan has a noise canceling system (already present in the previous generation), but the novelty is that there are now three microphones to pick up the internal sound, which allows the program to be even more efficient. The top-of-the-line Honda model has a proprietary supplementary noise suppression device inside the tires.

But the great thing about the new Honda Accord is the Sensing driver assistance program package that includes adaptive cruise control, automatic emergency braking, standby assist with lane exit alert and driver fatigue alert . MULTIMEDIA SYSTEM HAS BEAUTIFUL GRAPHICS AND IS INTUITIVE IN USE With all these systems working, the new Accord is able to maintain the speed and distance of the vehicle ahead, in addition to skirting the curves at high speed, without danger of leaving the track. But for safety’s sake, the system, however, does not allow the driver to let go of the steering wheel altogether. Electronic stability and traction controls, ramp start assistant and emergency braking assistant are other safety features in the model. With a much more attractive and youthful style, up-to-date technological content and a modern engine-gear package (capable of providing performance, agility and efficiency), the new Honda Accord is a more than interesting alternative for those looking for a top-of-the-line sedan that offers a lot comfort and attractive visual, capable of rivaling models of premium brands, but without having to spend as much (R $ 198,500).


Recalling that only the access versions of these competitors are usually found at prices below that. In addition, the greater amount of Honda dealerships distributed throughout the country is another factor that must be taken into account when choosing. Of course there are other premium sedans from general manufacturers, such as the Ford Fusion 2.0 turbo AWD ($ 159,900), Volkswagen Passat 2.0 TSI ($ 164,620 with only sunroof R $ 5,370 as an option) and Toyota Camry 3.5 V6 (R $ 206,200), with the former coming out for much less.



Engine: Four-cylinder, 2.0, cross, turbo with direct gasoline injection and intercooled dual overhead cams (VTEC), 16 – valve

Power: 256 hp at 6,500 rpm

Torque: 37.7 Nm between 1,500 rpm and 4,000 rpm

Exchange : 10-speed automatic, front-wheel drive

Steering: Power steering

Suspension: Independent, McPherson type on the front and multilink on the rear

Brakes: Front ventilated, solid rear wheels

Tires: 235/45 R 18

Dimensions: (length / width / in mm): 4,89 / 1,86 / 1,46 meter

Between-axles: 2,83 m

Tank: 56 liters

Luggage compartment: 574 liters

Weight: 1,547 kg

The Honda Accord has never been a successful sales force in Brazil. However, the tenth generation of the sedan (which you check in our video review) is in a good position to change the scene. Imported in a unique version for savory $ 204.9 thousand, the model (which sells very well in the United States) returns to Brazil with several new features.One of the most interesting is in the motorization. For the first time the car uses a turbocharged engine – in the case the same 2.0 of the Civic Type R, but recalibrated to 256 hp and 37.7 mkgf. It may be weaker than the old V6 3.6 aspirated 280 hp, but the torque is higher than the 34.6 mkgf of the old engine. The exchange is also unprecedented, a 10-speed automatic. The bold design refers to the Civic, with four-door coupe airs. The body was shorter and shorter, despite the inter-axles being extended to 2.83 m. As for the equipment package, Accord invests in technology. The sedan comes for the first time with items such as adaptive cruise control, emergency braking, and in band assist.

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